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About DRaschE pianos

Steve Drasche comes from a long line of piano makers, including his great grandfather, 3 great uncles, his father, his father's cousin and one of his uncles.
And they ALL worked for Steinway & Sons! Although Steve left after 10 years to start his own company, the rest of the family members spent their entire
piano making careers there. Steve has been working on pianos since 1970 when, at 16 years old he learned about the various woods that went into the construction of a Steinway
piano. He then went on to a number of other jobs in the company but found his calling as a piano tuner in 1975. He worked at Steinway as a tuner in both the factory and at
Steinway Hall until 1984, while also working for Camillieri Pianos, AC Pianocraft and LaPiana Piano Sales. The amount of private clients began to soar, eventually reaching
over two thousand and Steve was kept very busy tuning and learning about piano keyboards and what it took to make that famous Steinway sound.