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A tribute to my friend, Henry Steinway

(written on September 18, 2008)

I just found out that Henry Steinway passed away today. Not only has the piano industry lost a great member of it's community, but i have lost a longtime friend. Rumor has it that on a bright summer day in 1969, a young, blonde-haired 15 year old named Steve Drasche was sitting on a fence near the shipping department at Steinway & Sons waiting for his father, Walter, to pick him up and go to lunch together. Henry happened to be in the shipping office at the time and asked for the foreman, "Who's that good-looking kid sitting on the fence?". We were friends ever since. There will be a lot of accolades poured on Henry over the next few days and deservedly so. He and his family have done a tremendous amount of good toward the expansion and continuation of the popularity of the acoustic piano. I will remember Henry's kindness and thoughtfulness (he was always sending me calendars or photos or news clippings with the little notes attached). I used to say to people "He makes me feel like I'm the Steinway!" - always glad to see me, always happy to have a chat about the "old days" at the factory. Though we were almost 40 years apart in age, it seemed like we were equals in every way when we sat together at 109 West 57th St. and reminisced. I shall miss those times. Thank you, Henry