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Invest in Worthwhile Purchases

It is a general rule in life that he who economizes best, survives best. The intelligent, thought out use of one's finances determines, to some degree, one's happiness and prosperity. In point of fact, one of the definitions of the word economy is: An instance of thrifty and efficient use of resources. When economic crises occur it is necessary to be even more prudent than during prosperous times. The cyclical, noticeable swing from investing in stocks to investing in gold and silver proves that when our economic system grinds, the direction most sought after is the investment in tangible products that retain their value and even quite possibly appreciate.

There still exists today a number of rare lines of vintage product that are recognized as the top of their class, manufactured at the time of craftsmanship not since matched. When it comes to wooden stringed instruments, names like "Martin" "Stradivarius" and "Steinway" are most often heard. Steinway pianos have been dubbed "The Instrument of the Immortals", and for a good reason. They are more highly sought after than ever and their availability dwindles as the majority of owners realize the worth of their possession and retain these fine instruments in their families, passing them on from generation to generation. A great investment then - a better investment now.