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Todays "Disposable" Society

Once upon a time things were "built to last". From the dwellings we reside in, to the cars we drive, to the appliances we have come to depend upon Whether it was because companies and materials were of better quality - maybe a combination of all of the above - it certainly appears that we have tended to become a "throw away and buy new" society. But is that attitude changing? Are we appreciating the better built items that still exist, recognizing that they can be rebuilt, restored or refitted? Terms such as "pre-war" and "vintage" have been use to signify a recognition that there are indeed some previously built items that are superior to today's - automobiles, stereo equipment, apartment buildings - to name a few. In the world of acoustic pianos the same can be said. At a time where new Asian and European instruments flood the American market with products that seem not to be "built to last", we also have the factor of "is it worth rebuilding?" entering the equation. There is no doubt that the premier American-made, vintage era acoustic pianos are well worth rebuilding, especially the Steinway. The key is to get the right rebuilder - a company that has been rebuilding vintage era Steinways and Mason & Hamlins and other fine grand pianos for years.