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Tips for the care of your piano

Your piano is basically a machine like a car or a computer, but with the capability of allowing someone to create music. All machines need to be properly maintained or they will eventually break down.

Importance of proper maintenance

We recommend tuning at least twice a year (due to climatic changes) and regulating ever 3-10 years based on use. Pianos such as old Steinways, Mason & Hamlins and Baldwins are worth the time and money to completely rebuild and refinish as these instruments are of much richer sound than new pianos.

"Tuning" and "pitch raising" as opposed to "regulation"

"Tuning" is the turning of the tuning pins and thereby tightening of the strings, to raise or lower the pitch of the piano. When the wood of the piano shrinks or expands, the pitch will rise or drop. Therefore tuning corrects these changes. If the tuning pins of the piano are lose, the pins will shift quicker and the piano will go out of tune drastically. A "pitch raise" is when the piano has dropped in pitch significantly or when the piano has not been tuned in quite some time and has dropped in pitch from tension above. There is an extra charge beyond simple tuning for a pitch raise since it involves more work.

"Regulation" involves adjusting the many moving "action" parts (keys, hammers, etc.) inside the piano so that they work properly with each other to give you the best tune and feel possible. This procedure can sometimes take many hours to complete but is only necessary every 2-10 years, based on the piano and the amount of playing. Minor action regulation can be done more frequently for the more seasoned pianists.

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